Texas Wing Powered Flight Academy

About Texas Wing Powered Flight Academy

Type of Exercise 

Powered Flight Academy is a ground school and flight training experience for CAP
cadets. It features one week of ground school, designed to teach the principles of flight, FAA regulations, and safe flight operation. The flight training covers all subjects required for solo operation per FAA and CAP regulations, and safe flight operation.



Texas Wing Civil Air Patrol HQ

AL Mangham Jr Regional Airport –OCH

553 Terry Crawford Drive


Nacogdoches, TX 75964-2468


Exercise capacity

18 cadet students, 14 staff members, three CAP vans and 10 CAP C172 airplanes. 

Cadet Participation

Cadets will act as student pilots.

  • To be qualified to solo in a CAP airplane a cadet must:
  • Be an active CAP member at least 16 years of age.
  • Be a United States Citizen (copy of birth cert. or passport must be presented to IP)
  • Possess a valid FAA student pilot certificate.
  • Possess a class III or higher medical certificate
  • Possess a Picture ID issued by a Government Agency (i.e. Drivers License).
  • Obtain the required training and endorsements of FAR 61.87.

Qualification Requirements

Qualification requirements Cadet students must be current members, age 16 by 6 June 2015, who have attended at least one cadet encampment, and have their unit commander’s recommendation. If unable to pay the $800 tuition, some outside organizations have given scholarships in the past. 

Enrollment Procedures

Applications are done on the CAP Registration and Payment Link in CAP E-Services.